"Our homes are a reflection of what we find to be inspiring, where we see beauty, and how we live our lives. Decor and furnishings create a mood, and this mood can and should evoke the the feelings and memories of places and times in our past or perhaps our imaginations, either being appropriate inspirations from which to create. Our goal is to first understand the mood that best suits the inhabitant's perspective, lifestyle (even fantasy lifestyle) and bring that idea into the physical space around them. There are inherent laws of proportion, color and texture, but in the end it is not about finding the "right" piece or picking the "perfect" color, but rather finding balance and harmony amongst loved elements.

While the North Found store aesthetic is consistently based on a more rustic or industrial look, this is not the only aesthetic of North Found Design. Our work spans from the period perfect vintage renovations to the modern, or my favorite; a blend of those worlds, utilizing rustic pieces with a minimalist approach, clean lines and complinentary textures.

A well designed room is never done. A collection of elements leaves room for future additions or changes based on the items that come into your life, a tapestry of found beauty, memories, and keepsakes. For this reason we avoid 'matching' or too strict a choice in coordination as a space is a living thing and changes with time, experience, developing lifestyles and well-loved-ware." Home, August 2014